Nine Moons

from by Solström



red colored sky
she was so at ease
her head tipped back
and her heart it filled with wonder
breathing in new images
breathing out all that grasped and clenched her through the forest
and from her throat shined like some blue diamond,
it rippled and reflected and followed the sun down the horizon

when the last remnants of light purpled the earth
she took a glace through the trees
and they pointed her in some far off destination
but before she could leave
her feet froze to the ground and she asked herself:
'who am I here?'

well the wind pushed her one step closer
her feet took off and a feeling took over
like she was leaving something behind.
she looked back and saw a mirrored girl
who was fading fast
and carrying a box of all her mysteries.
And she said
'reach now, bring it forward towards the light'
'go now, go anywhere you like'


from Strangers Like Us, track released April 21, 2017
Michael Sallstrom- guitar, vocals
Shane Alexander- electric guitar, keyboards, percussion
Kasey Warner- Drums Percussion
Vic Ruiz- Bass Percussion
Josh Grolemund Percussion
Daniel West Bagdazian- Piano
Sean Wood - Violin/Octa-Fiddle



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Solström California

songs of the heart for a tumultuous time.

'Strangers Like Us' explores themes of love, speaking out, rooting down into our true nature, recognizing the power in numbers, and letting go.

The golden tones of Solström are reminiscent of music eras past and breaths life into modern song form. The dynamic vocals and intimate guitar work will surely strum the strings of you soul.
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